Friday, September 20, 2002

NyQueen Additional:

Congratulations KEITHMEISTER!!!!!

One of my bestest best friends Keith R. Stevenson has earned #1 image on This Week in Pictures on

Check it out, he's the one of the policeman carrying the kid out of the burning building:

Aka the Number 1 voted picture for the week. If only that kid had been holding an American flag....


OK, Eric. This one's for you because you have kindly reminded me on several occasions just how I haven't given your movie an official review. So here it is... the official review, which will be posted to the website under the Reviews section as soon as I get off my deathbed. Who knew when I did such great book reports as a kid and great movie review in college that I would end up doing reviews as a full-time hobby? The irony, man. The irony.

All info about the Unseelie Court can be found at

Title: The Unseelie Court
Release Date: 2002
Company: Dreamdancer Motion Pictures

First and foremost: this movie is an intellectual flick. There are no kickboxing sequences, no Jackie Chan fighting moves, and no leaping through the air like a japanimation while something explodes in the background. There is no Vin Diesel in this movie. And that's why I liked it so much. Because I HAD to pay attention.

The start is very unassuming, visually a beautiful film, and a damned good script. And here's the part that I love: the whole time it tiptoes gothically around being David Lynch-esque, but without stepping over the line. The whole scene is set on the rainy night, thunder and lightning set the mood like only good ghosts stories start. The ideas and beliefs of the main character are pushed to creepy levels through use of imagery and camera technique, driving his points home to the viewer in thunder cracks and lightning flashes.

Truly an artistic and beautifully done film, which is what I expect from Eric. :)

In other news....

I FINALLY UPDATED THE WEBSITE!!!! Go, view it and love it, at
As soon as I'm feeling better I'll update it even more. Did I mention my hella-cold? Oh yeah... summer colds SUCK. I've been on the sofa bed for the past three days. I get up to bathe, obviously, and spray everything in sight with Lysol (useless bit of trivia here, did you know Lysol used to be a feminine hygiene spray? Mmmmm... smell that fresh scent! And no, I don't use it as a feminine spray.)

I've been basking in the glow of the Fields of the Nephilim album. I have to say I'm LOVING it still, although I think Dante might be getting tired of it. His loss. I have to hear him snoring the same snore every night, so the least he can do is listen to the same album over and over until I get tired of it.

Since I got sick I've had the chance to observe comedic disasters. Like vet collars for dogs after they get stitches. Dogs with cones around their heads are HILARIOUS. It's like a person on crutches falling down a flight of stairs. Of course, if I was on crutches and fell down a flight of stairs, I might not find it funny until it was over.

Did I mention I went PLATINUM BLONDE? Strange coincidence, after I went blonde I got sick. As if my goth-ness is rejecting the new hair color. Dum dum DUM!!!!

And Nemesis is almost finished at long long last. It only took me a decade to get all my issues with it sorted out. Being stuck in bed has left me with a lot of time on my hands, and I can only read so much Harry Potter before I run out of books. Soo... let me get back to re-re-re-editing the damned thing so I can send it out to a publisher.

Any bands of the industrial-goth slant who want to be reviewed on, email me and I'll send you the addee to send the promo copy to.

Ciao fer now!


Wednesday, September 18, 2002

OK... The official review... Thanks for your patience.


It's been a long time, but it's finally here. Rejoice at the dawning of a new release from across the fields....

For those truly faithful Fields fans, this is the illegitimate lovechild of Zoon and Elyzium.

For those who might be hearing the Fields of the Nephilim for the first time, or who are considering listening to the Fields of the Nephilim for the first time, this is a dark masterpiece that resurrects some of the old work, dragging it into the light of the new millenium and transforming it into something far more frightening. "Darkcell AD" and "One More Nightmare" are two resurrections and truly treats for the Halloween season, pulled from their shallow graves and reanimated to do the bidding of their masters. Play it for the kiddies!

The other songs on the album are hard-edged, melodic, dripping subconscious poetry into an erotica of musical ambience. The driving grinding beat of "Thirst" lends a direct contrast to the brilliant simplicity of "Darkcell AD", while such songs as "Subsanity", "Fallen" and the revamped "One More Nightmare" demostrate the new, bolder direction that the Fields of the Nephilim are taking.

For those expecting a "goth" album, you will have to search elsewhere. It's much more. This latest release just shows the natural evolution of the Fields of the Nephilim into the new millenium, and proves that there's still magic in the music.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002



It's one of those days when all I have is cleaning to do. I don't bother checking the mail anymore, since there's nothing of any interest to me in it anymore.

I printed out Nemesis, tried to start reading it to make sure it was ready for its trip to the publisher, but couldn't find the energy (did I mention I cleaned the entire house today?). I took a step back instead and worked on other stuff, so that when I look through Nemesis again, it won't be so fresh in my head and I can be more impartial when I read through it. Bleak and oppressive for the hundreth time reading a book I wrote, I know....


A light at the end of the tunnel!!!
I got an advance copy of the new Fields of the Nephilim album "Fallen" for review. So here's the pre-review: EXCELLENT!!!!

It makes me wish I had ten thumbs so I could hold them all up. For FON fans-- and I mean TRUE FON fans, like the ones who own a copy of Zoon, too, it sounds like a marriage between Zoon and Elyzium. Hard-edged, melodic, dripping subconscious poetry into an erotica of musical ambience. How's THAT for a description? And yet it doesn't do the album justice. This latest release just shows the natural evolution of the Fields of the Nephilim into the new millenium, and proves that there's magic in the music.

For the full review, you'll just have to visit my website. :)

And that should be done by the end of this week, if all goes well. I've been bad, I know. Horrible, in fact. Depression will do that. I'm pulling myself out of my emotional mire, though, and dragging the nightmares out with me to throw against paper like a Jackson Pollock of horror. I can hardly wait for the creativity to begin.