Saturday, January 24, 2004

So... The latest addition to the Smiling Goth household arrived home today. A friend of mine started laughing at the name I gave him, since he is officially snipped. She started to call him The Castrated Cassanova. I explained Cassanova isn't castrated, just neutered. Not that it stops him from placing his head between my breasts, then placing a paw on each and looking very smug for a cat.... hmmm... Anywho, here's a pic, go check out the site.

And yes, that was taken today for everyone who has asked me for a more recent photo...

Monday, January 19, 2004

Wow. And How.

Finally getting settled in the land of Philadelphia. The site has had some minor tweakings, but due to a combined loss of internet access followed by a total system crash, it was unable to be updated as planned, and all changes to the original Episode 3 of Ubergoth! were lost.

Rest assured, as soon as I remake Episode 3, Ubergoth! will be updated ASAP. For those unfamiliar with those friends in dark places, check em out!

Any questions/suggestions (polite ones only, thanks) can be directed to