Friday, November 22, 2002



Well, kids. It's coming. Fast and furious and Gawd knows when, but SOON, and it's coming right for us. War's ugly sunset is clouding the horizon and there's nothing we can do to stop it. Baby bush and co. are hellbent on starting a war in the middle east, and they're trying to justify it with the threat of terrorism. I don't sympathize with either side. I hate equally and equally do I hate. Do I point fingers? Hell yeah, one in particular, stuck in the middle of my hand. I point it right at the people who helped the assholes to begin with. The threat was always there, and now they've let it grow up and become a full-blown outbreak. Congrats, the U.S. funded the terrorists to begin with.

I'm sure this entry will have someone screaming at me, but it needs to be said, regardless of what viruses a certain person in the Washington, D.C. area may send my way (by the way, whoever you are, I have your IP addee and I WILL report you if you send me another one-- don't make me have to find out who you are). It's called freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. If we don't have those, we have what jr. wants to make this country.

Honestly now, how much spying DO they need to do to fight terrorism? They already know WHO the terrorists are, and knew it for quite some time before last year's events, so now they have to start invading the privacy of U.S. citizens??? I disagree with that. Will I open the door if they decide to knock it down? Sure. I have nothing to hide. Ask and ye shall receive. Will I let them read my private thoughts in the name of 'protecting the people'? Probably not. As much bitching as I do about everything I think is wrong, I'd probably be put away because SOME of my thoughts might be considered non-patriotic. Well, duh. EVERYONE has non-patriotic thoughts at some point. Some folks talk shit, others write it down and eventually just throw it away. I think it's wrong to start invading the privacy of people who are just average people because Big Brother says it's a good idea. How many people say shit they never intend to act on? Millions, if not BILLIONS. That's why it's called 'talking shit.' It's a form of venting, and it's HEALTHY. And now this guy comes along-- a man who's run businessES into the ground, by the way-- and says it's in the name of PROTECTING THE PEOPLE that he wants to start intercepting emails and things like that?? Bullshit. And here's why:

What if, for example, this journal entry of me venting my frustration and fear is read by agents hired to filter out all the terrorist things that could POSSIBLY be communicated. I've posted this publicly, I know people might actually read this. BUT... what if these folks read it and find for whatever crazy reason that I'm un-American for posting it. Me. Born and raised here, and exercising my right to free speech and expression BECAUSE I AM American. We have the right to disagree with government actions, that's what makes us America. But with everything jr. is trying to do, suddenly this entry is un-American BECAUSE it disagrees with him. And I'd be in trouble. Scary, isn't it? A paranoid law, a couple of the wrong keywords in my content, and suddenly free-speaking lil me could be a threat.

My question, and my fear, is that this attempt at war with the middle east is just a diversion to something far bigger and scarier.