Tuesday, December 10, 2002



I came across an article, oddly enough, about this very blog that you are reading. From people in the land Down Under (aka Australia, for the geographically impaired). I'm still not sure how to feel about the whole thing. Seemed slightly amused, which is good, since I am all about the humor.

Read the Article and Decide for Yourself

Ms. Sinclair notes that in my picture (the article is dated September 25th, so she's referring to the old version of this blog) I'm not smiling. Heh heh heh..... horrid irony of ironies. At least The Pants got an honorable mention. *GRIN*

To anyone expecting some sort of angst-ridden entries of a teenie bopper goth grrl, afraid you're going to have to look elsewhere, my friends. Note the word Smiling in front of Goth. I am a paradox, and I like it that way. Catch me drunk and you'll get the depressed homesick story, and maybe even my eye-witness account of The Thing That Happened in New York Last Year, or possibly my own rantings about guns, Goth, and government. That's the beauty of being the Smiling Goth, you never know what's gonna come out of my mouth at any given moment.

On a side note, I usually don't go off the deep end unless we're talking metaphysics. Yes, metaphysics. Not Stoner Physics where people stare wide-eyed through a cloud of reeking smoke. Real, hardcore, Einstein-based physics and metaphysics. I WILL give you a headache. I even use visual aides.

I suspect that a lot of people venturing into this blog either assume I'm going to go into suicide ranting, or talk about how bad high school was (it was HORRIBLE), or about the many issues pertaining to goths heard 'round the world. Or maybe they're Christian fundamentalists looking for some bizarre proof that goths are evil, something they can bring back to the congregation as PROOF. What brave soldiers of JC they are. Look at them skulking in the ether-bushes trying to catch me unawares. *Smile*

I'm too damned old to play high school goth, believe it or not (damn the eyes of the walleyed teenager that carded me at the club). I'm oldschool, baby. I'm Generation X, and damned proud of it. Underneath my polished black vinyl exterior and new car industrial scent is a core of oldschool Punk Rock (I still hold the Ramones to be in the punk genre, so myah).

And as for The Pants.... you gotta love The Pants. She's a fuzzy ball of fearsome. *Grin*

But seriously, not all goths are morose and death-obsessed. There's quite a few oldschool goths with a sense of humor (albeit we laugh hysterically when people on crutches or in a wheelchair fall down a flight of stairs, but come on, who DOESN'T? It was in Naked Gun for gawd's sake!). I refuse to live up to my stereotype, goth-dammit!!

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Monday, December 09, 2002



OK... So I spent all day coding up a shopping cart for the site. Now the least you can do IS GO BUY SOMETHING!!!!

The new and improved ONLINE STORE at Smiling Goth Productions. See what all the hype is about!!

Oh yes, and always remember: get a Goth a gift!