Monday, April 21, 2003


It is done... well. Sort of.
At any rate, the site update is going along smoothly, and more creations have leapt straight out of my skull like Athena out of Zeus.
So check out the new comic filled with humor so dark it's worthy of a goth. Hence the name.
Das UberGoth! Episode 1: The Ring is now live. The image quality is sketchy.. heh. I made a pun. But it's the pilot episode, you could say. Next week's episode: Fictional Characters, will be much better image quality and planned to go live Monday, April 28th. So stay tuned.

The trip that was planned for the Great White North has been rescheduled to me departing on April 30th, but I will be checking email while I'm up there, and hopefully updating regularly with pics and road journal entries.