Sunday, January 19, 2003


* addition to post: Dante is alive and well, and still doing hair in downtown Orlando, at AltaModa Salon & Spa. For anyone looking for him, click the link for the site. To set the record straight, he was unceremoniously fired from Amici Salon and Spa after he had handed in his two weeks' notice. No good deed goes unpunished. Read on below for the ghastly tale of bad management, bad salon tactics, and an overall bad taste in the mouth. *

Well... Seems Dante is going to be having problems getting money from Amici Salon and Spa owner, Marcus Michels, aka one of the many Senior Vice Presidents of Orlando's Morgan Stanley.

In their conversation tonight, Marcus told Dante "Good luck trying to prove it in court."

But let me start from the beginning. Dante started working at Amici Salon and Spa of Winter Springs last year. He was doing managerial duties, which included inventory, lighting changes, and being the lackey if anyone needed labor done around the salon, along with doing his duties as a hair dresser. He had to sign a No Compete agreement AFTER he was already working there, which would consitute duress, since he was given the paper to sign on a weekend and told that if he didn't sign it, he would lose his job.

So while he was there, he created a training manual for the assistants of the salon. He was assured by the salon manager that he would be compensated for his work, and even the salon manual states that any work above and beyond the call of duty will be rewarded.

Well.... long story short, the salon manager left, and left Dante hanging. The salon owner stepped in and appointed Dante one of the new managers of the salon (in all there were four), and told him he would be compensated for the work he was to do. Needless to say, when things started to look not-so-rosy, Dante covered his ass and looked for a new job, and got one at Alta Moda salon on Central Blvd. He did the polite and professional thing, and gave his two weeks notice, along with an invoice for the work he had done. As soon as the one manager, Rebecca, the harlot ex-Rachel's dancer, found out about the two week's notice, she fired him.

Dante had been assured by Marcus Michels (the salon owner) that his new information would be given out to the clients that asked for him, which it turns out, was one of the many many many lies this Morgan Stanley Senior VP has told. Dante has even had people call the salon and ask for him to see what they were saying, and as it turns out, those chipper front desk assholes have been telling his clients that he left them high and dry, when, in fact, he was fired unceremoniously and with no good reason.

Which brings us to tonight. Dante called up Marcus, and said that it had been two weeks since he had left another copy of the invoice with him, and what was going on. Marcus told Dante that he wasn't going to pay him and hung up.

Dante called back, and kept his cool rather well, considering the rudeness of this so-called "professional". He told Marcus that Marcus owed him that money, and that he still owed him a power strip that the salon managers April and Rebecca, have refused to give him. In fact, they shorted him on his last paycheck, which I thought was pretty gross, since April hit on Dante so much and claimed to be his friend, you would think she would have had some balls to stand up to her skanky partner in crime.

All Dante asked of Marcus was to be paid for the work he had done as a manager and for the training manual, and to have his power strip returned to him. That's when Marcus claimed he didn't owe Chuck a damn thing, and that he had no contract with him, so therefore, Dante was S.O.L.

And that's when I come to this forum, and I shout my rage at the injustice of it all. Dante's clients have no idea that he now works at Alta Moda, (phone number to contact him at: 407-481-8883) and that he was dicked over for doing the honorable thing, while this corporate fuck-nut "financial advisor" screws over all the little guys to make a profit. What a great guy. Marcus also told Dante that the clients will have to call his (Marcus's) house, because he is NOT going to hand out Dante's information, no matter what. Kind of funny, since two weeks ago he assured Dante that he WOULD be more than happy to hand out Dante's info to anyone who asked for it.

Seems to me at the very least there's a small claims case here. Since we're talking about a bill for over $3,000, along with what Dante is owed for his managerial duties, not to mention this new development of blocking his income by not telling his clients where he is now, when they have the info, -- oh, yeah, and SLANDER when the front desk wenches tell his clients he left them high and dry and what a terrible person he is (after he had been fired by Rebecca and April)-- I'd tack on a nice $10,000 pricetag.

So I ask again.... Anyone know a good lawyer?