Thursday, October 31, 2002



I'm back to my pseudo-gothique self, and IT FEELS GREAT. I so was not blonde. Couldn't even pretend to be, although I had the hair. Dante just did my hair blue-black, red, and left some platinum streaks in it. So now I look my age, instead of the 16 I've been pulling off for the past decade and a half. :) It isn't all bad. Now I won't get carded.... as much.

Found myself hopped up on Nestle Crunch bars today... right now. How can I resist-- or ANYONE for that matter-- when they call them "Fun Size"???!! Honestly. So 1 bag of Nestle Crunch "Fun Size" chocolate bars, 1 Grande Starbuck's Mocha Frappacino, and three Reese's Nutrageous (also "Fun Size") chocolate bars later... and I'm literally shaking. And they market this stuff like it's CANDY-- oh wait... I guess it IS candy. :) See what sugar will DO to you????

I've been playing Public Relations/Marketing Director for a local business these past few days, and wow. I feel now like I know what evolution must have faced when it reared its head. The folks at this business are of the mindset that the internet is some sort of passing fad, that for their purposes, it's just not necessary. I tried pointing out the free advertising angle. Didn't work. I tried talking up the virtual tour. Didn't work. I was basically told since it's not for a national market, the website is pointless. Free advertising and a place to showcase all the great things you have to offer is.... Pointless??

I felt somewhat like the first evolved human to hold up fire, and all the cavedwellers around me ran into the back of the cold damp cave instead of reaping the benefits of the flames. Also felt like I just offered the wheel-- no strings attached, since I'm not charging these nice folks to help them out-- and the cavedwellers just held up their hands and said, "No thanks, we'd rather do it the hard way."

I just don't get it. I don't understand how some folks, even in this day and age, who ARE computer literate, can honestly think that just because I create a page to be viewed in Internet Explorer means I've waved my e-wand and made it go live, too. I talk about the web around here and people look at me like I'm a witch. Funny... they don't LOOK Amish.

I guess it wouldn't be so upsetting if I was getting paid for what I'm doing... but come ON. I said I would do this just as a favor to the business, and it's FREE, so why are they holding me back???? Arrgh.

I'll feel better tonight after I've given some trick-or-treaters bags of gravel and told them it's Rock Candy. >:)