Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ten o'clock Eastern Standard Time and all is well. I think.

Just finished re-creating the previously lost Episode 3 of Ubergoth! and it is available for viewing at the site.

Also available for reading enjoyment is a small rant on dating and modern love found exclusively at but hiding under the guise of a commentary on 2004.

This Friday for those who feel like showing up I'll be celebrating the day that started this ball rolling at Tattooed Mom's.

In other news, I'm updating NEMESIS (yes, again). If you have previously purchased a copy, please email me and I will put you onto the waiting list for the updated version. I think it's v. 13.2.1 about now. :)

Hmmm... Let's see... what else? Cassanova is doing fine. He's a crackmonkey. But that's okay. We all need to aspire to something higher than ourselves, right?

Drop me a line.