Monday, November 25, 2002



I'm no media whore, but when I see stupid shit getting published (I will use Stephen King's Everything's Eventual as an example, since he's big enough that even the dumbest yokel will know who I'm talking about) where the author brags about how he didn't have any intention of actually being taken seriously, and blah blah blah, and WOW, look at all that MONEY, har har har, I get upset. I get upset for four reasons:

1) It takes away the hard-won accomplishments of the original electronic authors. Like a WalMart moving into a small town. Sure, the customer got their dollar's worth, but has anyone seen many mom-and-pop shops anymore?
2) He got all the credit, dammit. There were e-books around before Stevie decided to try his hand at it, and all of a sudden he's the guru and spokesman for the electronic publishing industry?
3) If he hadn't pointed it out and seemed to BRAG about the fact that he is now a cultural icon, I think I would have gone on loving his work (even if it IS Tabitha's in a few cases).
4) PUBLISH ME, damn it.

The reason I'd like to get published? It's a simple one. So I can collect autographed copies of my own books.
It would be kind of funny.. I can see it now.. all the books signed 'To: Suzi, Keep on Truckin'. Bird is the word. ---unintelligible signature that somehow reads "suzi" '.

How funny would THAT be? Friends come to the house and they look through the library and happen upon, lo and behold, all of my novels. They get that look that says they know something's up, but they aren't quite sure WHAT yet. They take one of the books and open it, and there's the autograph. And ALL of them would be signed exactly the same way. :)

I was actually toying with the idea of autographing all my books anyway, even if I didn't write them. Just to throw people off.

I am a few steps away from being legitimately published (i.e. "legitimately"= "paid for my writing"), I hope. I submitted a story to an anthology, and just finished the final edit of a story about a vampire cockroach. Yes, that's right, a vampire cockroach.

Also on my plate is a brand spank-me new sex advice column I'll be femmedomming at Legion Studios . So send in your questions HERE or email Derrek at Legion and I'll do my very best.... To answer them, of course.

Talk to you soon!