Saturday, April 12, 2003


Sitting here listening to And One's "Panzer Mensch", and bouncing along to the electronic beat.... industrial pop if ever there was a thing. Oh who am I kidding?? STUPID AMTRAK!!!

Instead of my awesome Orlando to Newark Viewliner seating, stuck in the privacy of my own little closet with bed, they saw fit to make my ticket go *poof* and turn from the handsome prince it was into a small Coach toad. Sitting in the station I already felt like I was watching immigration's worst nightmare. I think the guys at the counter and a grand total of three people besides me and Dante actually spoke English. The rest were twittering and gawking (did they never see a white girl or something?? OK, maybe not one so pale as I, in the middle of Orlando, FL).

All my peachy plans have come to naught. Gone, all gone! No fun journal recounting of the ride, no pictures, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey salad,-- sorry... Christmas Story flashbacks. Hmm... I could go for a roast turkey right about now, and some stuffing....

So anyway, trip is postponed until the end of this month, and then HOPEFULLY they can see it in their hearts to book the RIGHT reservation for me. Grrr....

They don't seem to understand that I like people much better when I don't have to be near them...

The plans I had had to update, etc, are going forward early instead later. There will be some new writing on the site, and due to popular demand, I'm going to be keeping the artsy writing side of the site open, while also highlighting the more professional aspects of the site.
We're open to submissions as well, so get them in ASAP so we can post them.

For now, must... get... coffeee.....

I start my journey by train today, taking off at 12:21pm, arriving tomorrow in NJ around the afternoon. For 24 hours I will have a chance to do a whole lot of things, of which I will most likely do none.

The journey will be documented through pictures and both written and electronic journals. There will be a full report of New York City and if the rumors of army personnel in the streets are true, or just more urban myth.

The return is planned for being back in town on the 21st, so any non-pressing issues can be dealt with at that time. For emergencies, write directly to me at the site,, or contact Dante Caligari. Any web design contracts in the works WILL be updated before I leave.

Keep checking back as I make my way across the country once more, for a lovely return to my old haunting grounds. There will be pics.

That's all for now.


Monday, April 07, 2003


Just an info note: I will be going on a lil trip to the Great White North, leaving here on the 12th, arriving there on the 13th, and staying with my buddy at Spellbound. Get thee hither and yon and buy mine book!!

Tickets are on their way here, keeping my fingers crossed that the mail system doesn't feel a need to destroy my package in the process.
Hoping to stay at least a week, possibly more. We'll see how things go.

Wish me luck!

If anyone would like to help a sister out with her finances.....

Thank you in advance. I trust you. :)