Friday, January 03, 2003



Which explains all my unanswered prayers....

Apparently God likes to attend fetish parties wearing vinyl. Go figure. Vinyl should be worn by all, because God wears vinyl... and makeup. There, I've gone and said another blasphemous thing... but think about it: the only way God could have made us in His image is if He's a transvestite. Think about that one. God's a goth. Wooo-ha!

While basking in The Light of my Shirley McClain plane, I can say such things as: I am the lovechild incarnate of Anais Nin and the Marquis de Sade.

And you know Anais would SO have been all over the Marquis, she was a masochist at heart otherwise she wouldn't have hung out so much with Henry Miller.

So at any rate, new year discoveries: God in an alcove doing nitrous, The Pants is actually an alien hybrid, and not a cat at all, and the final discovery: I like egg nog.

Helping Chuck create his own journal, thanks to Anna for the help. She really loves her hair... :)

Now I'm curious to see what Chuck's writing....
Hope everyone had a happy friggin' new year.

'Til the next God sighting, keep on truckin'.